Image by Jeremy Bezanger


More and more people must hear you and learn from you including Rabbis and community leaders. You are a very special person who has taken your pain and channeled it towards education and inspiration.
Dr Steven Tennenbaum Teaneck NJ



Avraham Leventhal

I was moved and amazed how you have taken the pain of loss and channeled into a force to help others. You have taken mourning Gila into an appreciation for life. True words from your heart that entered and changed ours


Yechiam Sherlo

Director Neve Michael
Youth Village

People cannot stop talking about your seminars and the effect they have had on them. You have truly touched so many

Lance Katz

Chairman United Jewish Campaign Cape Town,
South Africa

Thank you for all the high impact and impressive lectures and presentations you offered throughout the community. They were all excellent as we have grown to expect from you.