Personal and Inspirational

Outdoor Meditation

Finding Inner Peace and Tranquility

We face many challenges in our lives. Let’s discover and gain perspective on how honoring our difficult emotions and maintaining a positive perspective can nurture personal tranquility and affect the perpetuation of our future.

A Soldier’s Story

In a humorous and interactive way Rabbi Hammer explains the concept of Jewish Unity and the importance of connecting to Israel based on his personal experiences as a Rabbi in the army. Shalom describes a unique Shabbat experience he had which served as an awakening while he was serving as a soldier for the IDF.

Rabbi Hammer speaking to Israeli Soldiers
Cute Girl

Have a Problem?
Do Something about it!

Where does complaining come from and why is it so unhealthy for us? Let’s identify some origins of complaints, learn how to deal with them and bring complaining to an end!

When I Grow up
I want to be Old

Why are songs often referred to as “golden oldies”? Why do we reflect upon the “good old days”? Is someone older potentially greater? Rabbi Hammer explores the advantages of reaching the golden age and offers tips on how to keep them vibrant.

Rabbi Hammer with his grandchildren
Gila& Parents.

Truths my Daughter Taught Me

On December 5, 2019 Rabbi Shalom Hammer’s 18 year old daughter, Gila z”l, died by suicide. This presentation relates the important lessons regarding sensitivity and compassion to our fellow, which Gila exemplified and demonstrated to others despite her demise at such a young age. These objectives exemplify the message we must incorporate for personal development.