Mental Health Awareness


Gila’s Way: Mental Health and Suicide Awareness - Lessons to learn regarding the Value of Life

On December 5, 2019 Rabbi Shalom Hammer’s 18 year old daughter died by suicide. This presentation reveals Gila’s story and what lead to the tragic end of her life. The presentation addresses Mental Health awareness and the importance of removing stigmas associated with it, as well as some of the warning signs we need to be aware of.

Is my child an insubordinate adolescent or developing a mental health illness?

It can be very difficult to differentiate between the “average teenage blues” and an adolescent who suffers from poor mental health; yet it is imperative that we do so. Rabbi Hammer discusses how mental health can impact many areas of a teen’s life and indicates the signs which demonstrate that poor mental health in adolescence is more than feeling blue.

Portrait of Teenager

Truths my Daughter Taught Me

On December 5, 2019 Rabbi Shalom Hammer’s 18 year old daughter, Gila z”l, died by suicide. This presentation relates the important lessons regarding sensitivity and compassion to our fellow, which Gila exemplified and demonstrated to others despite her demise at such a young age. These objectives exemplify the message we must incorporate for personal development.

There are no words... How to help comfort someone who is grieving

What does the Torah have to say about grieving and its effects? What are some of the feelings which the bereaved are experiencing? Why do people find it so difficult to comfort people who are grieving and what are some practical do’s and don'ts?

Image by Mike Labrum