Leadership and Education

Together at the Top

The Ascent to Leadership 

In our generation it is difficult to find quality leadership. What are the attributes we should be looking for in a leader? What is the vision leaders need to adapt and the role our leaders should be assuming in order to influence an effective future?

Think Again: How to Approach Controversy and Argumentation

We love to argue; is this healthy or obtrusive? An interactive and entertaining workshop along with analysis of two classic schools of thought, help reveal that arguments are not only judicial but they can enhance a positive approach to the world around us.

Politician News Interview
Image by Sander Crombach

The Hurban HaBayit:
A Review of Jewish Leadership

Jewish leaders must learn to focus on cause and community and disregard self-promotion. The inability to do so resulted in the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash and can cause dire consequences to the Jewish future as well.