Israel Defense Forces

Rabbi Hammer motivating Soldiers

Jewish Heroism:
Mind with Matter

Discover how the formula for Jewish success in the world requires a combination of physicality and spirituality. Journey through the annals of Jewish history and discover who the first “Jewish soldier” was and how his example remains a paradigm for the Jewish nation to this very day.

What are We Fighting For?
The Challenges of instilling Ideology in the IDF  

This presentation is based on the inspiring ideas which Rabbi Hammer imparts to motivate soldiers. The lecture is anecdotal and includes analysis on how assessing the needs of the collective and promoting communal values secures the future of the nation of Israel.

Rabbi Hammer in a jeep with soldiers
Rabbi Hammer & Soldiers

To Life L’Chayim!
Judaism’s Greatest Commodity

Based on his experiences in the field as a motivational lecturer for combat troops, Rabbi Hammer imparts an inspirational message about the value of life. The message transforms into a crucial learning experience as we appreciate how sacred life is and as such, how important it is to take advantage of the time given to us in this world.

The Ultra-Orthodox and the IDF: Contrasting Philosophy or Common Ideology?

Are there Ultra-Orthodox Jews serving in the IDF today? What are some of the obstacles Haredim deal with in the army and what is the IDF doing to facilitate their overcoming them? Should the Ultra-Orthodox be forced to serve in the IDF? Rabbi Hammer discusses the current scene of this unique, powerful and at times misunderstood community within Israeli society.

Rabbi Hammer lecturing soldiers