Israel & Israeli Society

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Engaging the Disengaged

Why are so many youngsters in the USA disinterested in the land of Israel?


Let’s identify some of the features of this generation which lend to this predicament and explore what can be done to engage our youth with the Jewish Homeland.

Israel’s Struggle for Survival and Vision of Continuity

Amongst all the turmoil and hardship, Rabbi Hammer imparts the vision that allows Israel to maintain positive perspectives, envision a dream and perpetuate the future of the Jewish nation

Image by Rafael Nir
Jewish Identity Lecture

The Awakening of Jewish Identity in Israel

Why are Secular Israelis beginning to identify more with their Judaism and what is being done to advance this trend?


Where are the foundations of Jewish identity found and how do they apply to Israeli society today?

Like Dreamers: When a Jewish Dream Becomes a Reality

Assessment of a famous Aggadic story and portion from the Talmud and the significant message for Jewish life which it offers. The analysis helps offer perspective on how the dream of creating a State of Israel persevered, and how enhancing Jewish unity and preserving a Jewish nation endure.

Israeli Soldiers