History and Identity

Courtroom Chairs

The Aftermath: Trial and Tribulation - Reflection and Inspiration

Even life’s personal and global challenges are expected to serve as a learning process. Jewish faith is premised upon man to his fellow man. How does this premise relate to us during this time of “isolation and reflection”

The Grassroots of
Jewish Identity

Our forefathers embraced Jewish identity and Jewish pride. The obligation of Jewish institutions to incorporate these ideals into a Torah curriculum to perpetuate the future.

Hanukkah Candles
Image by Piret Ilver

Maintaining Balance in a World of Extremes

Judaism has always embraced the Golden Mean. In a world that consists of extremes it is crucial for us to adopt a well balanced perspective based on tolerance and understanding. This will ensure our own spiritual growth, the success of our leadership and the perpetuation of a nation.

Productivity and Preservation

Historically Judaism has never been a spectator’s sport and it has shown that wasting time can potentially threaten our existence. Explore and analyze how this exhibits itself today and how to avoid these trappings by being goal oriented and constructive for the sake of preserving your individual and our nation.

Planting Trees
Forest Trail

Off the Beaten Path: Observations on the Rejection of Observance

Why are so many youth becoming less observant? What are the some of the challenges regarding this problem in the Orthodox community in Israel/Diaspora? How should families deal with a member of the family who rejects observance? What should/can be done to prevent our youth from straying from an observant lifestyle?

City of Gold

Jerusalem cannot and never will be divided. Subscribing to G-d’s plan means believing that He maintains an inseparable relationship with the Holy City; Jerusalem. 

Western Wall