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Armed with Spirit

Armed with Spirit book

A Father’s Advice to His Son in the Israeli Army Based on the Weekly Torah Portions

Shalom Hammer head of Makom Meshutaf and senior lecturer for TZAHAL, just came out with his new book called “Armed with Spirit” published by Gefen publishing. The book is based on letters that he wrote to his son Yakov while serving in Nachal Gedud 50 combat brigade, to offer him encouragement and courage and it is meant to give people a sense of what it is like to send a child to the army. The book is based on the Parshat HaShavua discussion and also includes insightful essays on Zionism, timely issues in the Jewish world in Israel, and how important Eretz Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael is to our nation.


Derash Yehonatan

Drash Yonatan book

Around the Year with Rav Yehonatan Eybeshitz

Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz, Dayan of Prague, and later the rabbi of the “Three Communities”, Altona, Hamburg, and Wandsbek, was an outstanding eighteenth century Talmudist, halakhist and kabbalist. Famed not only for his Torah wisdom and greatness but also for his worldly knowledge, Rav Yehonatan, as he was affectionately known, was in contact with the Christian leaders of his day, debating religious and philosophical issues with them.

This work is largely based on select discourses which appear in the Yearot Devash. This is not a translation, nor is it comprehensive but a means of popularizing the teachings of Rav Yehonatan and making them accessible to a broader audience. It offers selections which are most pertinent and poignant, and which enhance one’s enjoyment of the holiday in an intellectually and meaningful way.

The Family Parsha Book

The Family Parsha Book

This book is a wonderful format for the review of the week’s Torah reading.

It provides stimulation, knowledge and insight and excitement to the weekly Torah discussion. It is an exceptionally fine tool for children to learn and review Torah studies, but it is equally valuable to adults, even learned ones, in challenging all to really think about the words of the Torah and mine the insights contained therein.

The Family Parsha Book’s third edition is currently being printed by Koren Publishers and is now being used as a text book for Jewish schools throughout the USA.

The Family Rashi Book

Family Rashi Book

Rashi occupies a unique place in the Jewish world as he provided the Jewish people with the tools to understand and analyze the text of the Torah.

Arranged according to an aleph-bet sequence, The Family Rashi Book is a series of questions whose answers are found within the text of Rashi. Its format systematically facilitates reviewing Rashi’s commentary for the weekly Torah portions while customizing it for a variety of ages to enjoy.

Following the successful format of The Family Parsha Book, The Family Rashi Book encourages the study of Rashi in an appealing and intriguing way.

The Eybeshitz Hagaddah

The Eybeshitz Hagadda

Experiencing Redemption

This book incorporates much of Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz’s “Exodus” works in a series of free-flowing in-depth Haggadah discourses that reveal his ability to weave Halacha, Aggada, Parshanot and Midrash into words of Torah that are sure to enhance your Seder experience.

Rav Yehonatan’s works have never been translated to English. The author’s skillful translation and his ability to arrange these sometimes complex passages in an organized fashion, will benefit those who have a strong background in learning as well as those who are looking for refreshing and profound material to say at the Seder table.

The Vayaged Yehonatan Haggadah, which includes additional commentary by the author, gives the reader insights and invites him to “experience redemption” in a meaningful, personal way.

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