Rabbi Shalom Hammer

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for Beth Jacob Congregation Irvine CA as well as BCMH Synagogue Seattle WA. He also spoke in San Francisco CA, Calabasas CA, San Clemente CA and Mercer Island WA

Rabbi Hammer's efforts are true acts of kindness on behalf of all the Jewish people. His encouragement to young IDF troops displays G-d's hand here on earth. He commented that he recently told the troops lined on the Gaza border that they are not just protecting Israelis but Jews everywhere. With this message and the Torah he spreads all over the world, he is a speaker and teacher that should not be missed.

Rabbi Hammer's visit was inspiring and informative. His firm grasp of the present situation in Israel coupled with his personal experiences and his engaging presentation made it a very special Shabbat.

You were prepared with said material; engaging; and told stories so well, they were incredible to hear. Thank you. I think each student will remember it.

Rabbi Hammer was well prepared and passionate about Israel , Jewish Unity and self-improvement! All enjoyed the Tu Bshvat Seder!

Rabbi hammer served as guest speaker on behalf of the Chief Rabbi's office in the United Kingdom. He was Scholar in Residence in Bournemouth as well as in the Hampstead Garden Synagogue Community. Rabbi Hammer also offered guest lectures in Barnett, Leeds, Birmingham and Loughton

Rabbi Hammer's talk was tremendously well received by everyone who attended the evening. His ability to deliver what is a challenging topic in an engaging and thought provoking way, combined with a fantastic sense of humour created an inspirational evening for all. We are looking forward to having him again soon!

Your lecture really was excellent and presented perfectly for the people who were there.

Thank you for coming to Bournemouth; my community thoroughly enjoyed hosting you.

Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring Shabbat. The members of Hampstead Gardens Suburb Synagogue were very impressed with your content and delivery.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence and Guest Rabbi over the Yomim Noraim / High Holidays for the Milnerton Community in Cape Town South Africa. He offered guest lectures throughout the Jewish community of Cape Town including Camps Bay, Claremont and Sea Point

On behalf of the Milnerton Hebrew Congregation in Cape Town, South Africa, I would like to thank you for spending Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in our community. The Yamim Noraim were made all the more meaningful and inspirational thanks to you and in particular to your sermons. Each and every one, was thought provoking, relevant, interesting and above all enjoyable. Please believe me when I say that we could not get enough of your personal experiences and anecdotes! The manner in which you weave religious aspects along with pertinent current issues and your love of Eretz Israel and Torah is remarkable. We would be honoured to welcome you back in the future.

Our evening with Rabbi Hammer was an unqualified success. On a Sunday night, following a long Yom Tov and a fast, we didn't expect a large crowd, and would have considered 50 people an excellent attendance. To our delight, well over 100 came in anticipation of an excellent shiur - and Rabbi Hammer more than met expectations. His ability to weave wisdom, humour and personal experience together is awe-inspiring, and we were all deeply moved and affected. More than once afterwards, I heard people saying to one another "Now THAT was a shiur!" We can't wait to welcome Rabbi Hammer back to our community, to inspire us with his Torah wisdom and electric personality.

Rabbi Shalom Hammer visited my shul during the aseret yemei teshuva and gave a lecture to an audience of about one hundred people. As usual Rabbbi Hammer was inspiring, entertaining and uplifting. His love for the land of Israel and its people, especially the soldiers of the IDF, is palpable and a lesson to all of us. Please consider Rabbi Hammer as a guest speaker in your community.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for Irving Place Minyan Woodmere NY over Shabbat Chazon and for the Young Israel of Skokie IL over Shabbat Nachamu. Guest speaker for Ohav Shalom Manhattan on 9AV

On behalf of Young Israel of Skokie thank you for a great Shabbat. The feedback we received regarding your presentations was excellent. We learned so much and felt the intense positive feeling you communicated regarding your work with IDF soldiers. Continue to do your holy work in good health and spirits. Until next time!!!

Everyone thought you spoke very nicely.

Everyone I talked to enjoyed listening to you, and all agreed that it was a great idea to bring you into town. You were able to get your message across with humor and conviction, and you kept everyone's attention throughout.

Rav Shalom you were universally given high grades on your presentations

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for Shavuot in Livingston NJ as well as guest speaker for Shaarey Zedek Los Angeles.

Staying up all night on Shavuot isn't easy. But Rabbi Hammer kept us awake! His shiurim were relevant, timely and, most important of all, engaging.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for Midwest Torah Center South Bend IN as well as Aitz Ahaim Highland Park NJ for the third time. Rabbi Hammer also served as guest lecturer in Beth El Fort Myers FL for a fourth time, Kehila High School Philadelphia PA, and Ner Yisrael London UK for a second time.

You gave spectacular presentations over our Shabbaton and the weekend. Your insights for non-Israelis regarding the IDF were invaluable and entertaining. As you know, you lectured to a wide spectrum of Jews, and everyone told me they loved the talks. We look forward to your return visit.

Rabbi Hammer successfully connected with adults and students alike. Interweaving Divrei Torah, colorful personal anecdotes, humorous and insightful observations about the quirks of Israeli life, and a deep connection to Israel and the Israel Defense Forces in particular, Rabbi Hammer is a wonderful and engaging speaker for teens and adults alike.

Thank you again for your engaging presentation last night. I heard positive feedback from those who attended.

As usual, your presentations were both inspiring and entertaining, and enjoyed by all. The children took away valuable lessons.

The film was extremely thought provoking and the audience seemed very eager to discuss its content. The evening seemed to be quite a success and we look forward to future discussions.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence in Chabad of West Monmouth County Manalapan NJ and Beth Tefilah Baltimore MD. He also offered lectures in Chabad of Bethesdea MD, Beth Ephraim Woodmere NY, the Jewish Learning Experience of Bergen County and speaker for the ZOA at Arzei HaDarom of Teaneck NJ.

Rabbi Hammers presentation was inspiring and enlightening. He engaged a diverse population in the room. He was organized, thought out and people spoke very positively of him. I highly reccommend him to any organization that would want someone to engage their audience on a variety of topics.

People enjoyed, the seder was a great success, kids and parents had a great time. Overall great feedback for the adult lecture as well.

All who attended the Shabbaton said they really enjoyed your presentations and many told me they are recommending you to their friends in other communities.

The impression that you made on this community was a positive one. The feedback that I got was excellent . Beth Tfiloh is a strong supporter of Israel and I found your discussions both enlightening and thought provoking. As a Jew in the diaspora I was not aware of the challenges that Judaism faced within the IDF itself. For a soldier to be asked to put his/her life on the line on a daily basis there is a strong need for a sense of purpose. To work as a Rabbi with the IDF, you are helping those soldiers find a spiritual/religious purpose for the sacrifice that they are asked to make for the land of Israel. It takes someone with a strong sense of belief in what he does to deliver this message and to be able to share it with the diaspora helps to provide an understanding that can benefit the Jewish people.

Rabbi Hammer's engaging visit to our elementary school right before Tu B'Shvat was a terrific way to reinforce the connection between our students and the State of Israel. He easily found the balance needed to reach a group of religiously diverse children across three grade levels (3, 4, and 5). They hung on every word of his enthusiastic presentation.

Great Presentation Rabbi Hammer! Thank you for being so accommodating and flexible, as well as adapting your talk to the crowd.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for two weekends in Seattle Washington as well as guest lecturer in Vancouver BC, Portland OR and Lincoln Square Synagogue in Manhattan

It was a great joy to have Rabbi Hammer join our Seward Park, Seattle community. Over a short Shabbos he spoke 5 times at 3 different Shuls. His ability to combine current events, Torah and the inside track about the State of Israel into a presentation made for a wonderful experience. All communities should have the chance to hear him.

Rabbi Hammer came and spoke at our congregation - a large reform synagogue. He was thoughtful, passionate and a good representation of modern orthodoxy within the IDF. I appreciated his candor and willingness to speak about difficult and divisive topics. The work he does for soldiers in the IDF is important and a step in the right direction toward greater spiritual/religious education for Jewish soldiers that have largely been under exposed to this aspect of their Jewish identity.

The content, delivery and message of your lectures were excellent. Thank you so much for coming!

People loved your presentation on Maintaining Balance in a world of extremes. I received a lot of positive comments. For me it was an eye opener regarding the challenges within the Jewish world of today.

Seniors Residences

Thank you for the great amount of inspiration you've stirred up throughout the SHAG communities with your wonderful presentations! The information you shared and your willingness to address any and all questions was very enriching. Following the presentation, a Lakewood Resident commented to me that he felt "alive again". I've heard from the other communities that many of the residents have asked if you'll be coming back.


Rabbi Hammer's great talk focusing on Kiddush Hashem which is very relevant to all Jews. You were able to engage all of the students and impress them with personal vignettes.

I felt as if he spoke on the kids level. Every story he told had a great beginning and ending. The kids were very attentive, and seemed interested. Kudos to Rabbi Hammer, it's hard to keep this age interested.

Rabbi Hammer served as guest rabbi over the High Holidays for Rodeph Sholom in Atlantic City NJ. He also served as guest lecturer at Young Israel of Margate NJ, Beth Abraham Teaneck NJ, Agudath Shalom Stamford CT and Congregation Kol Haverim Glastonbury CT

Every one came up to me after the holidays and spoke in glowing terms about the way the services were conducted. They spoke primarily about you Rabbi and what a knowledgeable person and powerful speaker you are. Your explanations of the origins of the prayers and their meaning was extremely significant to all who attended. Every comment I heard was positive. Please let me know when we can host you again soon.

Rabbi Hammer's incredible talent to transmit the spirit of the High Holidays into everyone's heart was unanimously appreciated by the record attendance in our Shul. His sermons as well as the intermittent explanations of the liturgy enhanced the total praying experience beyond the written words.

Rabbi Hammer's dynamism, humor and depth inspired our community. His self effacing manner coupled with his heartfelt passion for the state and people of Israel and the overall Jewish community as well as his Torah knowledge provided the perfect blend of scholarship and spirit. I highly recommend him as speaker and teacher.

Thank you for coming and offering a most inspiring presentation. We look forward to hosting you again.

I want to thank you for your meaningful presence at Congregation Kol Haverim in Glastonbury. You brought warmth, humor and insight. Your narrative as a rabbi-soldier in the IDF is fascinating and inviting. Your perspective is open and refreshingly broad-minded. I am delighted to know how blessed your fellow soldiers are to have you helping them protect Israel's people and her borders with a sense of purpose and integrity. Thanks again for visiting us and we look forward to you teaching us again.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for the Young Israel of Scarsdale before 9AV, guest speaker Bnei Yeshurun Teaneck NJ during the 9 days, guest speaker for Ohav Shalom Manhattan on 9AV, and Scholar in Residence at Chabad of the East Hamptons for Shabbat Nachamu.

Hosting Rabbi Hammer for Shabbat Scholar in Residence was an absolute pleasure. Working with him to program was accommodating and considerate. His delivery was engaging, relevant and fascinating to people regardless of their affiliation and knowledge. His topics were extremely thorough, entertaining and educational all at the same time. We have had wonderful response to Rabbi Hammer's talks. People responded wonderfully to their weekend with Rabbi Hammer as they left inspired and engaged. I consistently heard people commenting, "he is fabulous!

I spoke to several people concerning your visit, and the feedback has been very positive. One person said "he was excellent" and he walked back to Shul in the afternoon because he and his friend wanted to hear you speak again. Many were impressed with your style and delivery.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for Sharei Tzedek in Vancouver British Columbia; Scholar in Residence for Shabbat at Beit Hamidrash Synagogue Vancouver; and Scholar in residence for Shabbat at Chabad of Anchorage Alaska.

Rabbi Hammer has now been to our community twice. We brought him back by popular demand. Some speakers have good scholarship, but poor presentation skills. Others present well without depth. Rabbi Hammer, has a unique combination depth, vision and the ability to captivate, participants left his lectures, both engaged and inspired. Furthermore, Rabbi Hammer became for us a wonderful example of the living reality of Religious Zionism.

Rabbi Hammer's lectures were fun, inspirational and stimulating. He was able to interact with his audience and engage them in pertinent and important discussion. Both his presentation and his resources were excellent and I would highly recommend him.

Thank you again for such an amazing Shabbat. You truly inspired us and you put things in a new light for us with fresh lessons and examples. We are so grateful you made time in your schedule to join us for the Shabbaton.

Lecture tour commemorating Yom Hazikaron and Celebrating Yom Haatzmaut. Rabbi Hammer serverd as Scholar in Residence in Linden NJ and Allentown PA., and offered guest lectures in Columbus Ohio and Chicago IL.

Rabbi Hammer is an energetic, lively speaker who was able to keep the audience engaged. His enthusiasm and passion made for a riveting speech enjoyed by all. After he spoke, many of those present came to me and thanked me for bringing Rabbi Hammer to the Shul. I would love to bring Rabbi Hammer to our community again in the future.

Rabbi Hammer is a very loquacious speaker who commands attention. His combination of wit, stories and substance is very refreshing. I recommend him for your community.

Yeshiva Har Torah had the pleasure of hosting Rabbi Shalom Hammer for a second time. The students sat spellbound as Rabbi Hammer related his experiences serving as a Rabbi in the IDF. Rabbi Hammer's inspirational talk motivated our students to increase their Torah learning and enhance a deeper connection to Eretz Yisrael.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend at Congregation Sons of Israel as our Shabbos Scholar-in-Residence. The three lectures that you gave were all great, and your talk on Religious Zionism was the most informative and perceptive that I have heard.

Rabbi Hammer's down- to -earth, uplifting messages were relevant to all in the congregation, and were very well received! We thank him for taking of his busy schedule to infuse our community with Torah, insights and intriguing perspectives.

Everyone I spoke with was very pleased; people found your talk interesting and informative, as shown by the large number who stayed after to converse with you. This was the first Yom Ha'atzmaut event we had in the shul in many years, and I am happy it was so well received.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for Young Israel of Plainview Long Island as well as Scholar in Residence for Chabad of Ft Lauderdale FL. Lecture tour included Florida's West Coast Fort Myers and Naples.

People kept coming up to me saying that you were by far the best speaker we have ever hosted.

Your presentations were powerful. I particularly enjoyed your stories and anecdotes which really drove your points home.

Your humorous and easygoing style quickly put the kids at ease, and they loved hearing about your experiences. You brought a real face to both Israel and Tzahal in a way that drew the attention of the students while teaching them an important lesson about Judaism.

Rabbi Hammer's return appearance at our shul did not disappoint. He packaged the same energy, passion and humor in his inspirational messages which is why we brought him back.

You are a very lively speaker and you capture the audience's full attention. You were able to add a humorous twist without losing the focus of the message you were looking to convey.

The group loved very much the lecture and many are still talking about it.

Thank you for a wonderful evening; you were able to connect to the crowd in a most meaningful way providing them with perspectives on what happens in Israel and in the IDF internally. Most importantly, you provided the crowd with reason to be proud to be Jewish and to support Israel.

Our residents packed the house to hear Rabbi Shalom Hammer speak about his story. He is a dynamic speaker who held the audience's attention. He answered questions from our residents completely and with patience. We are looking forward to having him visit again with more topics.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for the Skylake Synagogue in Aventura FL as well as Scholar in Residence for EDOS Synagogue in Denver CO. Lecture tour included venues in Dallas TX, Houston TX, Austin TX, Pueblo CO and Boulder CO.

Everyone thanked me for bringing you in as a Scholar in Residence weekend. It was uplifting, stimulating, and moving.

Rabbi Shalom Hammer blessed our community with his dynamic presentation on the survival of Israel. Our synagogue was overrun with persons attending his lecture. As the president of the congregation I was overwhelmed with emotion due to Rabbi Hammer's presentation and I strongly encourage other congregations to bring Rabbi Hammer to your community, I promise you will not be disappointed.

I think that you connected with the students and your style came across in a very genuine way. The message was clear and I think it's worthwhile for the students to hear things from different perspectives and people who are from outside of the school.

Thank you so much for your presentation today – our residents found it to be informative, interesting and entertaining! We appreciate the opportunity to open our scope of understanding…thank you for providing that chance.

Rabbi Hammer engaged our audience with passion and humor. He provided us with a clear, insightful perspective of Eretz Yisrael during Operation Pillar of Defense.

You spoke with great enthusiasm to the school children, and on their level, about the importance of Israel, and identifying with the Jewish people. Your presentation was both captivating and interactive. Your presentation to the adults was impressive in that you were candid, witty, and incisive. They appreciated your ability to speak to their personal concerns and at the same time impart your significant messages.

Rabbi Hammer served as guest Rabbi and Scholar in Residence over the Yomim Noraim for a second time for the Morasha community in Capetown South Africa. He also served as guest speaker during the Shabbat leading into Rosh Hashana for the second time at the Pine Street Shul in Johannesburg South Africa as well as Shabbat Shuva Scholar in Residence for Constantia Synagogue Capetown

Thank you on behalf of all at Morasha, for your valuable contribution in making our Yom Tov and Yomim Noarim very special. Your Droshas were always appropriate and so well prepared. We look forward to hosting you again next year if not sooner!!

It was an absolute pleasure listening to your speeches, everyone thoroughly enjoyed your inspiring words.

What a pleasure to have had you with us for yom tov. Thanks for all you did for our community. Your visit here was a great success and as you know we are very keen to bring you back next year!

There is no doubt that your stimulating presentations provided us all with much to talk about and I have no doubt that we will host you again.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for second time over 9AV and Shabbat Nachamu in both Mount Freedom Jewish Center and Atlantic City NJ. Guest lectures throughout NY NJ and CT including Young Israel of West Hempstead, Commack Jewish Center Long Island, Chabad of Old Tappan NJ, Little Neck Jewish Center, Young Israel of Margate and Jewish Federation of Greenwich CT. Special lectures for senior residences including Atria Queens, Atria Plainview, Hoffman Summerwood Hartford CT, Hershey Traditions, Crestwood Manor Whiting NJ.

I have heard Rabbi Hammer speak to adults in my shul and children in my school. His passion, charisma and knowledge enables him to educate, entertain and engage his audience.

Everybody loved the warmth & wisdom, how you interject the humor & personal human-interest stories related to the topic of parenting. Your talk was truly inspiring & spiritually uplifting and the lesson came through with clarity and contemporary significance for everyone who attended.

All of our residents really enjoyed your lecture and have asked me to have you back. One of them approached me saying, "I thought I always had an open mind, but he really gave me a lot to think about. Please have him come back to deliver another one of his seminars."

Rabbi Hammer's talk was both inspirational as well as entertaining; his message made a strong impact on all who attended"

The Residents loved the presentation; Rabbi Hammer is a dynamic speaker. They are looking forward to his next visit."

The people who heard you at Little Neck Jewish Center were very impressed with your presentation. They told us that they came away with more knowledge than what they came in with. In fact they all insist that we have you back the next time you get to New York."

Everybody was most satisfied with him. He's a very exciting speaker. I'm hoping he comes back again."

What a wonderful experience! I continue to hear positive responses to your lecture from many different people within my community. The lecture was well researched, truthful, and important. The presentation was truly moving. I can't wait to have you back."

Rabbi Hammer was a wonderful guest lecturer, scholar and teacher. His breadth of knowledge and passion for the people and the land of Israel made him an appealing guest for our diverse community."

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for Pinner Synagogue over Shavuot Holiday and offered special guest lecture at Hampstead Gardens Suburb Synagogue. Shabbat June 1 Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for St John's Wood Shul in the presence of Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.

Everyone present enjoyed your thought provoking shiurim and presentations very much!

Your talk was very well received. We look forward to the next time.

We very much enjoyed having you as guest speaker over Shabbat. I have received a lot of very favourable feedback.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in REsidence for Shaarey Tzedek in Vancouver BC and for Chabad Midtown Toronto ON. He was also guest lecturer for Ezra Besaroth in Seattle WA for a second time, Temmy Lautner Forest Hills Jewish Center Toronto ON, Chabad AviNoam Maple ON, Chabad of Mississagua ON and special guest lecturer for both Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut for Beth Tikvah Toronto ON. School presentations for Northwest Yeshiva High School Seattle WA, Temple Emanuel Toronto ON, Kehilla JDS Hamilton ON

Many scholars in residence know their field but not their audience. Rabbi Hammer excelled above so many other guest speakers in that he was able to present material tailor made for the North American audience. My congregants understood and resonated with his message .. it did not hurt the matter that they laughed with Rabbi Hammer as well.

Please keep me up to date when you will return to Toronto so we can host you again.

Rabbi Hammer was a captivating orator. His passion and humor was evident to all who attended his lecture. We gained a lot as a community from his message, and would consider bringing him back to the Forest Hill Jewish Centre in the future.

I believe that your remarks about the unique challenges of this generation resonated with our students and your experiences working with members of Israel Defense Force made your comments all the more authentic.

Rabbi Hammer was a most welcome guest speaker at the Briton House who engaged his audience from his first words. He was thought provoking, at times humorous and spoke with honesty and sincerity. One of our residents commented "his words put my life into a new perspective

You captivated the kids with your stories and life lessons.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence in Tucson AZ, Shaare Tzedek in Valley Village CA for second time, Young Israel of North Beverly Hills LA. He was also guest speaker for the San Diego Jewish Community and for the Calabasas Shul for a third time as well. Rabbi Hammer also offered school presentations at Valley Beth Shalom, Tucson Hebrew Academy, Emek Hebrew Academy LA, Torah High School San Diego.

Dynamic, engaging speaker

Excellent and informative presentation

The community very much enjoyed your presentation and the clarity of your thoughts regarding the present situation in Israel. We look forward to hosting you again next year.

It was a great Shabbos; you were a big hit!

My residents here RAVED about your seminars. All thoroughly enjoyed both Jewish and non-Jewish residents.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence in Paramus NJ for second time and at Beth David Highland Lakes Aventura FL. He also spoke at a number of schools including HANC Long Island, MTA NY, Solomon Schechter East Midwood Bklyn, New England Hebrew High School, Sigel Academy Hartford CT. Rabbi Hammer spoke for a number of communities in FL including Boca Raton, Hollywood, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach and Aventura. He also offered a number of presentations at Senior residences throughout NY, NJ and South Florida.

The community enjoyed hosting Rabbi Hammer very much. His talks were truly insightful and inspirational.

R' Hammer was able to beautifully and passionately elucidate a serious and timely topic in a style that was quite engaging. Our shul very much enjoyed it and requested that R' Hammer return in the future.

We were very pleased to have Rabbi Hammer speak here at the Atria in Riverdale. My residents were very inspired and impressed by your knowledge . There was amazing feed back you are welcome here anytime.

Thank you so much for visiting our school this past December and speaking to our children. Your presentation was outstanding! The children were mesmerized!

This is the second time we hosted Rabbi Hammer. I don't know how he does it, but every time he comes, the kids are mesmerized and want to hear more!! We are booking you again!

Thank you so much for your presentation. You really connected with our students and I received a lot of positive feedback.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for the Birmingham Jewish Community United Kingdom, over the course of the Yomim Noraim/High Holidays. He offered guest lectures during 10 Yemei Teshuva for various communities throughout the United Kingdom including Cheadle, Pinner, Leeds, South Hampstead and Edgware.

Rabbi Shalom Hammer joined the Birmingham, UK community as our guest Rabbi for the Yamim Noraim 5772. Having visited the congregation as a Scholar in Residence a few months earlier, the membership was eagerly waiting his return and he did not disappoint! The relevance of his sermons coupled with his knowledge and eloquent delivery gave us a Yom Tov not to be forgotten. He can reach out to people of all levels of observance and get across relevant, thought-provoking messages. By adding humour and energy to his talks, he captivates the audience and everyone goes away better informed. I highly recommend this world-class speaker and scholar.

Rabbi Hammer is an outstanding dynamic and vibrant speaker. He engages and challenges people from a variety of backgrounds. Wether observant or not his insights, and messages are powerful and inspiring. There is nothing better for a community than to have such a poweful speaker launch and refocus spiritual aims and goals.

It was well presented, thought out and planned, I was hooked and very moved, Rabbi Hammer was brilliant; when is he coming again?

The Israel information Centre Midlands was very pleased to organise a seminar for local non Jewish people interested in the subject of the Jewish Approach to Penitence, Prayer and Forgivenessin given by Rabbi Hammer. Many attended and feedback received after the seminar showed how his charismatic style and approach to the subject provided a thought provoking morning including insightful content, textual references and brilliant delivery. Thank you Rabbi Hammer for providing us with this opportunity.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for the Jewish Community in Highland Park NJ Shabbat Chazon, Vacation Village over 9 AV and Young Israel of Brookline MA over Shabbat Nachamu. He also delivered special guest lecture in W Hartford CT as well as a number of presentations for Senior Residences throughout the Tri State area.

Your appearance here at the Young Israel of Vacation Village on 9AV was sensational. Your lectures were informative, knowledgeable, exciting and inspirational. Your delivery is well composed, forceful and intelligent. The comments I heard ranged from "phenomenal", "outstanding" and "the best". My recommendation for any Shul, organization or community who's looking for a good speaker is this: Don't engage Rabbi Shalom Hammer for a single lecture; if you do you will be sorry you didn't engage him for two or three more!!

Your audience enjoyed your style, your message and your method. Your integration of Torah theology with current events provided every attendee with thoughts to contemplate. Your confidence in your message is second only to the importance of your message. May you be fortunate enough to speak in every diaspora community with a Jewish population.

I heard such amazing reports about your presentations and we are so thrilled, we are already planning your visit again for next year

Thanks for an informative and stimulating presentation. Our residents were very inspired by your presentation

It was such a pleasure to have Rabbi Hammer spend shabbos with us in brookline. His unique blend of torah and ahavat eretz yisrael were very well received and truly inspirational. Rabbi Hammer is a very engaging speaker. After hearing him I now understand why he logs so many miles on the lecture circuit.

As a liberal rabbi, I appreciated Rabbi Hammer's openness regarding his perspective on Israel and the Jewish people. His point of view was interesting and informative, and one which liberal congregations do not often hear in the first person. Rabbi Hammer was funny, confident and open to questions from the congregation. Engaging Rabbi Hammer as a speaker was a success.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for Shavuot in Pretoria South Africa as well as guest speaker for Pine Street Shul Johannesburg South Africa for Shabbat. Rabbi Hammer was then invited to Birmingham United Kingdom to serve as guest speaker for the Birmingham Jewish Community celebrating their fiftieth anniversary. He also offered a guest lecture for the Jewish community in Barnett as well as presentations for the North West Jewish Primary School and Edgeware Jewish Primary School.

Your lectures were inspiring, well presented, and contained great content. People were impressed by your willingness to discuss issues with them and they found it refreshing to speak to a Rabbi who was not condescending or judgmental.

Rabbi Hammer inspired our children with his personal stories from the Israeli Army. He speaks with humor and delivers powerful messages, the children can relate to a serious "but cool" Rabbi.

The lecture gave our kehilla a wonderful sense of the nature of the hesder program and the impact that it has within the IDF.In a passionate, humorous and articulate way, Rabbi Hammer gives a perspective on some of the challenges facing Israel today, and the potential that is actualised by the young men who are a part of this program. Highly recommended.

Rabbi Hammer was one of the most inspiring speakers we have had during my time at Birmingham Central Synagogue. He delivered a number of well prepared, inspirational and entertaining presentations that were very well received by a broad spectrum of the membership. I would highly recommend Rabbi Hammer as a scholar in residence or speaker.

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for the Upper West Side Manhattan, Suburban Orthodox in Baltimore Maryland and Chabad on the Palisades in Tenafly NJ. In addition Rabbi Hammer spoke for many Senior Residences including Atria Senior Living and Erickson Living Group.

Rabbi Hammer with Shalom Torah Academy Students
Monmouth NJ
  Lecture at the Lester Senior Housing
Erickson Living NJ

I know I speak for everyone when I say that your talk was one of the most inspirational, entertaining and inspiring perspectives on Israel today that we've heard in a long time. Your lecture set the mood for the rest of the evening which turned out to be a major success. You knew and respected your audience. I will definitely be happy to recommend you to all my colleagues.

I wanted to extend my thanks to you for visiting us this afternoon and speaking to the Lester Senior Housing residents. We have many well-knows speakers who visit our community on a regular basis and I truly cannot recall the last time I got this many compliments from the residents for having such a wonderful speaker.

Rabbi Hammer was a pleasure to work with. He offered a broad array of topics that would benefit any day school audience and he really connected with our students and made the topics relevant and meaningful through his dynamism. He engaged the students during the entire presentation which is not easy to do with young kids.

Rabbi Hammer's talks were incredibly enjoyable; they were entertaining yet poignant, accessible and scholarly. His passion for Torah and Eretz Yisrael (and religious zionism) is infectious. We look forward to the opportunity to host him again.

It was great to host you in our community for Shabbat

Thank you again for coming to visit and for delivering a forceful and inspiring talk. Many people were really impressed and want you back in the future.

Rabbi Hammer was Scholar in Residence in Tallahassee Florida. His lectures throughout the East and West Coast of Florida included new presentations for Jewish seniors

"We just hosted Rabbi Shalom Hammer for a shabbaton in Tallahassee for students in Florida State University and I am writing about it right away as I earnestly recommend him to speak particularly for Univ students. Rabbi Hammer speaks all over the country and he is a fantastic orator, knowledgeable, dynamic and well informed. He knows how to relate to Univ. students and can intertwine the issues at hand regarding Israel together with a great sense of the challenges and importance of instilling and incorporating a Jewish Education and Jewish Identity. Students who partook from his presentations over an entire Shabbat Weekend, thoroughly enjoyed and were deeply inspired and moved. If you are looking for a fantastic program to address today's issues and help encourage University Students towards their Jewish Identity, I highly recommend inviting Rabbi Hammer to join you for a Shabbaton. Rabbi Hammer is accommodating and a pleasure to work with. Please feel free to contact me anytime for further reference.

We really enjoyed the presentation and appreciated a perspective that many of our students don't always hear. It's important for us to explore old and new ideas with a fresh perspective - even if controversial - and your visit allowed us to do that. Thanks very much for challenging us!

Rabi Hammer was superb! He had everyone in the audience enthralled with his stories of what it’s like to be “inside” the IDF, and spoke with such passion and conviction about what we can all do for the Jewish People and its army!

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence in Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, Vancouver British Columbia

In three years arranging scholars in residence for our shul, Rabbi Hammer has been one of the best. He was a pleasure to work with during the process of choosing topics that would engage our members and help attract visitors, which helped me feel confident that the weekend would be a success; which is exactly what it was. Many members of our shul came up to me commenting, "best speaker ever". Rabbi Hammer’s unique experiences, deep scholarship, humorous wit, and compelling delivery style kept people glued to their seats, and deepened their connection to Israel and the Jewish people. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

The overall impression from everyone at Ezra Bessaroth was excellent and positive.

Drawn from his experiences, Rabbi Hammer paints a vivid and meaningful picture of life in the Israeli Army and society that helps teens get a glimpse into the most moral Army in the world.

The feedback was exceptional. The people at Cedar Sinai Park loved you!! Please come back!!

Thank you for spending an inspiring weekend at Shevet Achim on Mercer Island

Feedback was excellent from the kids and the staff. We all enjoyed and please be in touch when you are in town in the future.

Rabbi Hammer electrified our gathering. He spoke about Israel’s struggles from a Torah perspective, in a compelling and unique way. His energy, enthusiasm, and humor engaged all of us, and I hope to have him return soon.

Rabbi Hammer served as the Scholar in Residence over the Yamim Noraim\High Holidays for Beth Hamedrosh HaGadol in Leeds United Kingdom. This is the second time Rabbi Hammer served at this capacity for the community in Leeds, as he delivered special sermons and shiurim over Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and lead part of the services as well. During the 10 Yemei Teshuva (days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur) Rabbi Hammer was invited to offer special lecture\shiurim on Teshuva\Repentance in the communities of Halle, Bowdon and Prestwich throughout North and South Manchester

I had universal comments of praise for the contents, delivery and subject matter of your talk. Our congregants were discussing the points you made for days afterwards.

Many thanks for your inspiring shiur, the feedback has been great.

Thank you for injecting and infusing life into our community over the Yomim Noraim. You clearly made our journey towards Teshuvah more insightful and meaningful.

Rabbi Hammer demonstrated an ability to deliver erudite and powerful shiurim and lectures in many different styles and on many different levels and according to the needs of his particular audience e.g. on kol nidre night a large number of people stayed behind after the service very late into the evening for a very well prepared stimulating shiur and everybody went home much uplifted and inspired.

Rabbi Hammer is a professional educator who speaks with humour and includes fascinating anecdotes and psychological insights into life`s varying situations. Rabbi Hammer represents the best of what is modern orthodox scholarship

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence and Guest Lecturer throughout New York and New Jersey during the 9Days, 9AV and Shabbat Nachamu. He served as guest speaker in Young Israel of West Hempstead on Erev 9AV, Fairlawn NJ 9AV evening and in Beth Aaron Teaneck NJ 9AV morning and Ahavat Torah in Englewood NJ 9AV afternoon. Shabbat Chazon Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence in Plainview NY and Shabbat Nachamu in Atlantic City.

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful Shabbos program. My congregation enjoyed immensely. I hope we get to see you again soon. Please use my name as a reference for your future speaking engagements."

"Please let me know next time you are in town again. We want you back!!"

"I believe I speak on behalf of our entire congregation when I tell you that Rabbi Hammer provided us with wonderful Chizuk, divray torah, dvarim yotzeem me'halev steeped in Zionist committment and Torah knowledge."

"On behalf of my wife, myself and our community, I'd like to thank you for the beautiful presentation this morning. Being a pretty secular group, with the exception of two or three, it was wonderful to see how everyone was so moved by your talk. I think it gave them a very nice and positive perspective of the involvement, love and commitment that the religious people have for Eretz Yisroel."

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for the city of Cape Town South Africa over Shavuot and Shabbat Naso. He spoke in the Gardens Shul as well as in the Claremont Wynberg Hebrew Synagogue. Lectures included topics such as "Maintaining Balance in a world of Extremes", "Remembrance: the History of Jewish Survival" and "From Cyberspace to Sinai: Judaism's relevance and challenges in our times

"We were privileged to have Rabbi Shalom Hammer with us as our scholar in residence. Rabbi Hammer is a passionate and compelling speaker who mixes wit, humour, excellent Torah content and love for the land of Israel into his talks. Rabbi Hammer is a very affable and friendly person who engages with his audience both during his talks and after. I strongly recommend Rabbi Hammer as a guest speaker and I wish him continued success in all of his endeavors on behalf of Torah, Mitzvoth and Eretz Yisrael."

Rabbi M Liebenberg, Claremont Wynberg Hebrew Congregation, Cape Town South Africa

"Your talks were insightful, well prepared and you have the ability to relate to all ages. On an organizational level you were extremely accommodating, efficient and a pleasure to deal with.."

Rabbi Osher Feldman, Cape Town Hebrew Congregation

Yemei Hageula Lecture tour throughout NY and NJ. Rabbi Hammer spoke in many schools including RAMAZ, HAFTR, HALB, Maayanot, SAR, and FRISCH and served as guest lecturer on Israel in Dix Hills Jewish Center Dix Hills NY, Queens Jewish Center Queens NY, Young Israel Staten Island, Jericho Jewish Center Jericho NY, Arzei Darom Teaneck NJ, New City Jewish Center, Mt. Freedom Jewish Center Randolph NJ, Beth Tefilah Paramus NJ. Rabbi Hammer served as special guest speaker for the Federation of Philadelphia PA and also conduct a lecture tour throughout upstate NY including Albany, Syracuse, Schenectady, Buffalo and Rochester.

Speaking at Maimonides School Upstate NY   Speaking to University of Albany Students

"I think you were fantastic. So did many of the other attendees. Our membership has continued to discuss the many interesting and informative points you made during your stay in Rochester, New York. It was a hugely successful event."

President, Congregation Beth Sholom, Rochester New York

"Your visit to Kadimah was perfect. As you know, many of our students are not Orthodox, and there was some concern as to whether you could “reach” all the children in a pluralistic day school. You touched everyone with your words and your connection with children, teachers and parents was amazing. Come again!"

Joel Weiss, Head of School, Kadimah School of Buffalo

"I would like to thank you for the inspiring presentation you delivered to our students in Buffalo, NY. The message of Jewish pride resonated with all of them. They saw in you a living example of how excited and mission driven a Jew can be. Your humor and enthusiasm left a long lasting impression on our youth."

Rabbi Shmuel Shanowitz, Jewish Heritage School Buffalo NY

"We received very good feedback from the members regarding your talks."

Cheryl Gross Executive, Beth Tefilah, Paramus NJ

Rabbi Hammer lectured throughout the State of Florida. He served as Scholar in Residence in Boca Raton as well as in the Young Israel of Bal Harbor. Rabbi Hammer spoke in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Sarasota, Clearwater, Fort Myers, Hollywood, Royal Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. Schools included Hochberg Preparatory School, Greenfield Hebrew Academy, Brauser Maimonides Academy, Marvin J Gottlieb Solomon Shechter Jacksonville, Goldie Feldman Academy, Beth Sholom Hebrew School, Pinellas Jewish Day School, Palm Beach Hebrew High School, Rohr Bais Chaya Academy, Temple Beth Am Hebrew School, Bnai Sinai Hebrew School, Torah Academy Jacksonville. Adult Lectures in JCA Jacksonville, Chabad at the Beaches Jacksonville, Chabad Tallahassee, Boca Raton Century Village, Young Israel Boca Raton, Young Israel Hollywood, Beth El Fort Myers, Beth Sholom Clearwater, Aitz Chaim West Palm Beach, Young Israel Bal Harbor, Palm Beach Synagogue, Shul Club of Harbor Islands.

"Rabbi~ Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful way to start the morning! When I got back, I was approached by several parents and the Rabbi, all of whom had only great things to say about your presentation."

David Sherman, Director Education Temple Beth Am Jupiter FL

"Last night we were fortunate to have Rabbi Shalom Hammer of the IDF speak to our congregation. He serves as a motivational speaker and rabbi for the soldiers of the IDF, and also teaches in Sderot. He is an orthodox rabbi who grew up in New York and has lived in Israel for the past 20 years. He is a master story teller and speaker and spoke to us about religious Zionism and the role religion plays in the Israeli army and society, as well as his personal stories about life in Sderot before and after Operation Cast Lead and his relationships with Israeli soldiers. He was by far the best speaker we have had in a long while and I highly recommend him to everyone."

Rabbi Jeremy Barras, Temple Beth El

"Rabbi Hammer is an engaging, entertaining and a well informed speaker who is highly effective in transmitting the message of what Israel means to the Jewish people today."

Dr Shmuel Katz, Bal Harbor

"Rabbi Shalom Hammer recently addressed our congregation, Beth Shalom of Clearwater, Florida. The topic of this lecture was, why the recent military operation in Gaza was a success. He was able to articulate the perspective of an Israeli quite clearly in contrast to an American. Of particular interest was Rabbi Hammer’s insight into the mentality of the youth today in Israel through his experience with them in the military as their chaplain and rabbi. Rabbi Hammer has a tremendous delivery; enthusiastic yet sincere, polished yet relaxed, comfortably and appropriately humorous. We thoroughly enjoyed him and benefitted from his message. At the end of his talk I could hear the people around me turning to their neighbors saying, "great speaker".

"It was a pleasure hosting you in our Shul as our Scholar in Residence. Your dynamic and inspiring lectures enlightened and touched the hearts and minds of all our congregants. The feedback was great, and I would recommend you to any Shul or organization. Your powerful and compelling presentations are bound to uplift and enhance any community that's smart enough to host you!"

Rabbi Gruenstein, Young Israel of Bal Harbour

Armed and Sacred Lecture tour in the USA Tri State Area and Manchester United Kingdom. Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for Shabbat in Fairfield CT (second visit), Hewlitt Long Island (second visit), and Stenecourt Manchester UK. He offered special school presentations on the power of prayer (based on experiences during Operation Cast Lead) to SAR, HAFTR, HANC and Wayne County Hebrew School. Special Guest Lectures at West Side Jewish Center, Rodeph Sholom Bridgeport CT, Chabad of Rockaway NJ and New City Jewish Center. Rabbi Hammer was also invited to Yeshiva University to address YU and Stern students on campus.

"What can I say except AWESOME. I have received unbelievable feedback. Everyone loved you. We will definitely recommend you to other shuls and communities."

Jonathan Glatt, Adult Education Committee Young Israel Hewlitt LI

"It was a brilliant weekend and went down very well thank you."

Rabbi Benjamin Simmonds, Stenecourt Manchester

"I am writing to tell you how WONDERFUL and INSPIRING your presentation was for all of us at HANC Plainview. Your experiences, Torah knowledge, incredible didactic nature, engaging ways and uplifting and positive spirit touched us all. As a parent, I would have loved to listen to you and learn from your wisdom for hours and hours more. You are truly gifted and inspirational and leave a mark on those lives that you touch with your presentations. You certainly chose the right career path! Thank you so very much for your moving and memorable teachings."

"I would like to thank you for speaking to our community. Your combination of Divrei Torah, personal anecdotes and reports of the reality on the ground, made it a most informative and inspirational evening."

Rabbi Mordechai Baumgarten Program Director Chabad Center of Northwest New Jersey

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence in Margate NJ (second visit) and Camp Moshava Indian Orchard where he offered inspiring speeches to the campers, guest lecture to the visiting parents including a shiur in Hebrew for the Israeli staff members in camp. On Tish B'Av Rabbi Hammer spoke in the Edmond J Saffra Synagogue (second visit) Manhattan on Jewish Leadership and in The Hebrew Institute Riverdale and Bnei Yeshurun Teaneck NJ (third visit). Tisha B'Av morning he led the Kinnot offering insights at Ohev Zedek in Manhattan. Rabbi Hammer also offered guest lectures to Young Israel of Staten Island, Shomrei Torah Fairlawn NJ (second visit), Beth Aaron Teaneck NJ (second visit), Agudath Shalom Stanford CT (third visit), and Sons of Israel Allentown PA (second visit) reviewing the Hurban HaBayit and how we can rectify its destruction.

"Your message was informative, entertaining and inspirational. Everyone commented to me how happy they were to have heard and met you. We look forward to hosting you again in the near future."

Peter Levin, Program Chair Young Israel Margate NJ

"I have gotten great feedback regarding your presentation."

Rabbi Steven Exler, Hebrew Institute Riverdale

"Rabbi Hammer's lecture on Yerushalayim was very informative. His knowledge of biblical references to Yerushalayim, helped crystallize the subject matter. His personal experiences, as one who lives in Israel and interacts with soldiers who defend our homeland, brought a sense of hightened realization that Yerushalayim truly needs to remain undivided."

Mr Bill Hochman,Cong. Shomrei Torah Fairlawn NJ

"I enjoyed your presentation In Philadelphia. Your speaking style was energetic and relatable."

Lori Averick, Philadelphia PA

"Rabbi Shalom Hammer was a hit at Camp Moshava. He successfully engaged both the youth and adults with his dynamic approach to Torah education. His humor coupled with his deep knowledge of Torah and his ability to connect with others make him a very special and unique lecturer."

Alan Silverman, Director Camp Moshava

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence in Alpharetta GA Chabad of Alpharetta, Providence RI and Calabasas CA the Calabasas Shul. He also spoke at Congregation Ariel Atlanta GA, Young Israel Sharon MA, Young Israel West Hempstead NY, JLE Los Angeles, JLI UCLA Campus, Beth Jacob Irvine CA, Westwood Kehilla LA. Rabbi Hammer introduced his new lecture presentation "Trial and Tribulation: Keeping the Faith". He also spoke to Maimonides High School Boston, Tarbut VeTorah Irvine for a second time, HANC Long Island for a second time, YULA High School Boys LA, HALB elementary school for second time regarding the aftermath of the War in Gaza and the power of Tefillah.

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your lecture last night, May 6, at JLE. The topic was fascinating, and you are a very dynamic speaker!"

"We had a wonderful shabbaton at the Providence Hebrew Day School with you and consider ourselves lucky to have recieved a number of divre Torah so deeply focused on Eretz Yisrael. A refreshing perspective we often lose sight of living in Providence, Rhode Island."

"The community thoroughly enjoyed Rabbi Hammer's lectures throughout > Shabbat. His blend of inspiring insights and passionate delivery was well received by the community."

Rabbi Hirsch Minkowitz Chabad of Alpharetta GA

"Rabbi Hammer's dramatic presentation combined humor and erudition in conveying his timeless but contemporary message to our synagogue. We enjoyed and were inspired by his words."

Rabbi Zvi Romm, Bialystoker Synagogue, Lower East Side, New York City

"Indeed your lecture here was exceptionally well received. Your style, wisdom and down to earth manner captured the souls of the listeners. I know they learned a great deal and came away with a better understanding of the issues facing Israel today."

Rabbi Barry Starr Temple Israel

"I thought your presentation was really interesting and relevant to the day. Your sense of humor keeps your audience listening so that your many messages come across. I wish we had access to more speakers like you more often here in L.A."

Efrat Zisblatt, EMUNAH Women LA

"The community so much enjoyed hearing Rabbi Hammer. His combination of erudition and presentation were unique and totally engaging. I would strongly suggest having Rabbi Hammer to your community. I know we look forward to welcoming him back to ours."

Rabbi Yakov Vann, Calabasas Shul

Maimonides High School Boston MA

Lag Baomer EMUNAH LA

February 2009

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for Ahavas Shalom Columbus Ohio, East Hill Synagogue Englewood NJ and Aish HaTorah Philadelphia PA. Rabbi Hammer spoke about "The Aftermath of the war in Azza from a Religious Perspective". He also spoke in Lower Merion Synagogue Bala Cynwyd PA, Ahavath Achim Fairfield CT, Shomrei Torah Fair Lawn NJ, Beth Aaron Teaneck NJ, Chabad Fairfax VI, Agudath Achim Highland Park NJ, Young Israel St Louis. Rabbi Hammer spoke in many Schools for a second visit introducing his presentation "The Israel in ME" on the war in Azza and the power of prayer and Jewish Unity. Second visits to Yavne Paramus, YNJ Teaneck NJ, Bi Cultural Stanford CT and Epstein Academy St Louis. He also presented to RPRY Highland Park NJ, YBH Passaic NJ, Politz Cherry Hill NJ, Kellman Hebrew Academy Cherry Hill NJ, Rambam Baltimore MD, JEC Bruriah Elizabeth NJ, and to the University students at Maryland.

"You were fantastic and well deserve Chizuk to continue your wonderful work for Klal Yisroel."

Dr. Larry Kraut Shomrei Torah Fairlawn NJ

"Thank you for a great learning experience. I and many others have told Rabbi Reichman how meaniingful our shabbat with you was!"

Sheldon Pickholz East Hill Synagogue Englewood NJ

"Everyone at Aish was so pleased to meet you and learn with you....you have a beautiful balance of Torah and Zionism, a great combo of American and Israeli, no attitude, accessible, approachable and a terrific sense of humor, a wonderful hold on the information you talk about, wise and humble...I indeed learned so much about Israel, the army and Torah...you are a connector and I am so glad I met you."

Dr. Terri Goldfine Aish Philadelphia

"The feedback that i received was excellent - someone said to me - "this scholar-in-residence really was amazing! Please email me in advance of your trips so we can try to re-schedule you for another trip."

Rabbi Yakov Couzens Aish HaTorah Bala Cynwyd PA

"As usual a pleasure to host you here at Yavne. The kids love your presentations as you transport them to Israel. I am always so impressed with your teaching skills as the students can sit and listen to you for hours. Your presentation is not only dynamic but your content is so informative and inspirational. Come again any time. Thank you."

Rabbi Knapp Yavne Paramus NJ

Aish Center Philadelphia PA

Fairlawn NJ

JEC High School Elizabeth NJ

November 2008

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence both in Shaarei Zedek Valley Village LA and Emek Bracha Palo Alto CA where he spoke about "The Relevance of Becoming Irrelevant" "Contrasting Philosophy for Common Ideology" and "Maintaining Balance in a World of Extremes". He also delivered lectures in Calabassas, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego. Rabbi Hammer visited Soille Hebrew Academy San Diego, South Peninsula Hebrew Academy Palo Alto, Kehilla High School Palo Alto where he spoke about the Ascent to Jewish Leadership, Maimonides Academy Los Angeles, and the Wornick Jewish Primary School in Foster City CA.

"I really enjoyed Shabbos and the reviews have been only positive. You really connected with the Tzibbur and the messages were very well received. We look forward to your returning."

Rabbi Jonathan Rosenberg, Shaarei Zedek Valley Village

"Toda Rabbabh for your very moving speech you shared with our middle school in the Wornick Jewish Day School in Foster City California. The Topic you spoke about the importance of Klall Israel just prove itself over again in this tragic day that we ,klall Israel are going through today. Thanks to your lovely words we will remember also our good times as the Jewish people and try each of us in its own way always to remember our duty to the cause of linking us to the powerful chain of Am Israel Chai."

Marit Shmargad. Vice-Principal Head of Judaic Studies
Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School

On a scale of 1 to 10 you scored a 12!!!! People told me "He was the best speaker they ever heard!" Our community looks forward to your next visit."

Rabbi Yakov Vann, Calabasas Shul

"On behalf of the Santa Barbara community thank you for your inspiring and well delivered talk on Israel. The feedback was good and I wish you well in your efforts."

Jacob Bastomski, Santa Barbara CA

October 2008

Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Resience for the Yamim Noraim in Leeds England where he delivered many sermons and shiurim. For the first time in Leeds history Beit Hamedrash Hagadol hosted a Shiur after services on Kol Nidrei night which Rabbi Hammer delivered. Many attended. Rabbi Hammer also spoke in South Hampstead London, Barnett and Ner Yisrael London as well. School programs included Independent Primary School, Norris Lea, Hertsmere Jewish Primary, Michael Sobol Sinai School and Kerem Primary School.

"Rabbi Shalom Hammer is a gifted, inspiring and versatile educator who provided my congregation with the most uplifting and meaningful experience of the High Holy Days it has ever had. From insights into the themes of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to thought-provoking reflections on Religious Zionism, Rabbi Hammer enthralled my community in Leeds, England throughout the Yamim Noraim period with his wisdom, passion and humour. I thank him for giving of his many talents to my congregation and encourage communities around the world to take advantage of having him as a scholar-in-residence."

Rabbi Jason Kleiman, Beth Hamidrash Hagadol Synagogue, Leeds, UK

"A real thumbs up for Rabbi Hammer – I thought that he was hugely interesting and put his message across beautifully. It was a bold move and I thought it paid off wonderfully – we certainly enjoyed him and would happily see him again."

Congregant Beth Hamidrash Hagadol synagogue Leeds UK

September 2008

Rabbi Hammer was interviewed on Israel Radio. Click here to listen

August 2008

Read the South African Jewish Report's coverage on this tour.

Rabbi Hammer was invited for Shabbat Hazon and Tisha B'Av to Capetown, South Africa where he spoke about Destruction to Reconstruction, A Vision for the Future of Eretz Yisrael and Reviewing Jewish Leadership in the aftermath of the Hurban HaBayit. Rabbi Hammer also served as Scholar in Residence for Shabbat Nachamu in Pretoria South Africa.

"Thank you for an inspirational and enlightening approach during your stay here. I look forward to working closely again."

Rabbi Jonathan Altman Morasha Congregation Capetown SA

"Your talks over Shabbat were enlightening, entertaining, informative and uplifting. I wish they could have gone on longer."

Mr. Leonard Sank Chairman Camps Bay Congregation Capetown SA

Rabbi Hammer on Tisha B'Av in Capetown

May 2008

Rabbi Hammer lectured in Young Israel Hillcrest Queens, Edmond Saffra Synagogue Manhattan, Livingston New Jersey, University of Las Vegas Nevada and Phoenix AZ. The week of Yom Haatzmaut Rabbi Hammer offered presentations to school students in Northshore Hebrew Academy, Hillel Academy Deal NJ, Solomon Shechter Queens NY, Solomon Shechter Hartford CT, Kushner Hebrew Academy, Jewish Foundation School Staten Island.

"The children were fascinated with your stories…they enjoyed hearing about how you helped one of your officiers reconnect with his Jewish roots."

Rabbi Rudman Desert Torah Academy Las Vegas NV moisherodman@hotmail.com

"Rabbi Hammer was riveting. The kids were glued to his presentation which was filled with enthusiasm, humor and Jewish -Torah pride. Our students gained tremendously from his visit."

Rabbi Shalom Paltiel Chabad Academy of Science and the Humanities rabbi@chabadpw.org

"I want to commend you again on your Yom HAatzmaut lecture. It was universally well received as thoughtful and entertaining. The best praise I can give you is to tell you the community would like to have you return for a Shabbat Scholar in residence."

Dr. Rachel Bitton Chairman Adult Education Committee Young Israel Hillcrest Queens rbitton@gmail.com

Presentation of The Family Parsha Book to Rabbi Knapp,
Northshore Hebrew Academy

Yom Haatzmaut Lecture
Young Israel Hillcrest Queens

Yom Haatzmaut with
Rabbis of HALB

Rabbi Hammer with
students from UNLV

February / March 2008

Rabbi Hammer served as Guest Lecturer in Perth, Australia for the "Judaism the Full Spectrum" convention. Lectures included Achieving Meaningful Existence and The Grassroots of Jewish Identity. He also served as Guest Lecturer for "Judaism from the Rabbi's Mouth" convention for non-Jews, where he lectured on Ensuring Survival in the Heart of Hostility and Preserving Old School Foundations. The lecture tour continued in Sydney, Australia where Rabbi Hammer spent five days offering talks and lectures to Jewish businessmen, students and shuls in Sydney. Finally, Rabbi Hammer spent a week in the United Kingdom as Guest Lecturer for the "60 Days for 60 Years" conference. He addressed synagogues as well as University students on campuses in Manchester, Cambridge, Bristol, Newcastle and London.

November 2007

Rabbi Hammer served as a Scholar in Residence for the Jewish communities in Louisville KY, Wilkes-Barre PA and Palm Beach FL where he addressed the future of Eretz Yisrael, the situation in Sderot Israel and the status of Jerusalem. He also spoke to Congregation Beth Tefillah Paramus NJ and to Boca Hamptons Synagogue Boca Raton FL. Rabbi Hammer offered school presentations to Moriah School Englewood NJ, Jewish Day School Allentown PA, Hebrew Academy Miami FL, Brauser Hebrew Academy Hollywood FL, Torah Academy Philadelphia PA, HANC Plainview NY, HANC West Hempstead NY and Hebrew Academy Orange CT. Presentations included A Soldiers Story and Seminar on Jewish Leadership. Rabbi Hammer also introduced the Adopt A Soldier program for Sderot Israel, to the students.

September 2007

Rabbi Hammer was the Scholar in Residence for the Sandton Shul in Johannesburg for the High Holidays - Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipur - where he delivered sermons and lectures on the concept of Teshuva and the importance of nurturing responsibility in the Jewish community. He also conducted a Q&A session for the congregation over lunch on Shabbat Shuva. Rabbi Hammer lectured in Mizrachi campus and Greenside Synagogue in Johannesburg and he was also invited to Capetown where he addressed teachers in Camps Bay for educational training, spoke in Claremont Shul and Morasha Synagogue and offered a lecture on the outstanding opportunity of Teshuva at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sank.

"It was wonderful to be in your company and benefit from your drashot and lectures over Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipur. It is reassuring to know that there are Rabbis like you out there who can make us proud to be Jewish."

Dr. Robert Tager - Sandton Congregation South Africa

"You had a tremendous impact in a short time and all that attended your shiurim were enriched by the experience..."

Mr. Lance Katz - Chairman Mizrachi, Bnei Akiva Capetown South Africa

"It was such a pleasure and honour having you address us in Camps Bay. Everybody really enjoyed your talk. We will definitely put a program together on your next visit and look forward to having you back."

Mr. Leonard Sank - Honorary Board Mizrachi Capetown

July 2007

Rabbi Hammer completed his lecture tour in the United States. He served as Scholar in Residence for Shabbat Hazon in Agudath Shalom Stamford Connecticut, Guest Speaker in Bais Torah Monsey New York and Fleetwood Synagogue Mt. Vernon NY. Rabbi Hammer served as the Scholar in Residence and Guest Speaker for Tisha B'Av in Beth Jacob Atlanta Georgia where he introduced Megilat Eicha, reviewed the Kinot and addressed the Hurban HaBayit A Review of Jewish Leadership. Shabbat Nachamu Rabbi Hammer served as Scholar in Residence for Congregation Ariel Atlanta Georgia where he addressed the significance of the Hurban HaBayit to us today and how we facilitated the reconstruction of the Mikdash and the restoration of Yerushalayim.

"Your shiurim and lectures are well organized and are filled with unlimited energy, humor and passion. You represent an unusual grafting of an American Orthodox Rabbi with Israeli flavor and your words demonstrate untapped dimensions that our congregants never experienced before. Thank you for providing Beth Jacob with a most meaningful Tisha BeAv and encouraging them to see Torah and Eretz Yisrael through a unique and clear lens."

Rabbi Ilan Feldman - Beth Jacob Atlanta Georgia


May 2007

Rabbi Hammer completed an extremely successful lecture tour of the Jewish communities in Johannesburg, Capetown and Durban in South Africa where he addressed topics related to Jewish Education and the direction of Religious Zionism. Rabbi Hammer was the keynote speaker for Yom Yerushalayim to the community in Johannesburg. He also lectured to the students of the University of Johannesburg, offered special lectures to students in the Herzliya school Capetown and Yeshiva College Johannesburg regarding identifying with Eretz Yisrael and he spoke to Jewish educators and leaders of the Bnei Akiva youth movement regarding Jewish leadership.

"It was absolutely unbelievable having you here in South Africa. You made a tremendous impact on our campus and people are still talking about your wonderful lectures countrywide. You really were such a positive influence and I look forward to facilitating a visit in the future."

Rabbi Laurence Perez - Rav Mizrachi Organization South Africa and Mizrachi Yeshiva Shul


January 2007

Rabbi Hammer just completed a three week Scholar in Residence Lecture tour. Topics included Modern Orthodoxy - the Definition and Preservation of a Philosophy; The Knitted Kipah and the Black Hat - Contrasting Philosophy for Common Ideology; Eretz Yisrael Today - The Building Blocks of the Future; and An Ascent to Jewish Leadership. He also spoke in many schools throughout the United STates on topics relating to identifying with Eretz Yisrael and Jewish leadership.

The venues included Young Israel of St. Louis, Epstein Hebrew Academy St. Louis, Bloch Girls High School St. Louis, Chabad Del Mar San Diego CA, Chabad Center of University City San Diego CA, SCY High San Diego CA, Hebrew Academy Irvine CA, Tarbut VeTorah Irvine CA, Beth Jacob Congregation Dayton Ohio, New Jewish Day School Minneapolis MN, Torah Academy Minneapolis MN, Twin Cities Yeshiva HS Minneapolis MN, Kehillat Darchei Noam Minneapolis MN.

Click for references.


November 2006

Rabbi Hammer just completed a three week Scholar in Residence lecture tour. Topics included, Our Forefathers and the Jewish Identity Crisis; The Jewish Definition of Happiness; The Messiah Revealed; and Redefining Religious Zionism. Rabbi Hammer also delivered a special lecture in memory of Dr. Jay Prince z"l entitled What it Means to be Remembered.

The venues included Ahavat Shalom Columbus Ohio, Young Israel Hollywood FLorida, Young Israel Boca Raton Florida, Chabad of Boca Raton Florida, Agudath Sholom Congregation Stamford Conn., Shaarai Torah Worcester MA, Young Israel of Brookline MA, and Young Israel Sharon MA.

Rabbi Hammer introduced a new interactive presentation to school children entitled "A Soldier's Story - A Soldier and a Rabbi Sanctify Hashem's name and qualify Mesirut Nefesh through life." This special presentation was delivered to the 6th, 7th and 8th grades of Brauser Maimonides Academy Hollywood, FLorida, and to the 4th and 5th grades of Torah Academy Boca Raton, Florida.

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Summer 2006

Rabbi Hammer is now a regular speaker on OU Radio. Listen to "The Sleepless Sermon" every Thursday and experience a dynamic and insightful drasha that will offer you deep perspective about the Parsha, current events and the Jewish world.

Rabbi Hammer's new book, "The Family Parsha Book" is now in bookstores near you!!

To order online, click here.

Rabbi Hammer completed a speaking tour of Charleston South Carolina for Tisha B'Av, Jacksonville, Florida Shabbat Nachamu and North Miami Beach, Florida, Parhsat Ekev. Topics included: From Darkness to Light - The Destruction of the Temple the Reconstruction of Eretz Yisrael; Israel's Right to Exist Without Compromise; and How to Save Israel-Jewish Unity Now More Than Ever.

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Evaluating Our Past - Examining Our Present
Bridging the Jewish World for the Sake Of Israel's Future